The 5 Best New Appliances in 2022

Usually, kitchen appliances take up a large portion of kitchen remodels. According to Houzz, half of the homeowners want to replace old appliances with new ones during a major remodel.

To assist with making the right selection of new appliances here are some of the newest home appliances trends in 2022.


Ranges and Cooktops 

Of course, there are various ways of preparing food with the newest at latest cooking appliances. Possessing a different air fryer or frying pan or gadget will clutter your countertop and storage space, so manufacturers are consolidating different functionalities into single units.

To illustrate, LG’s new InstaView twofold stove slide-in gas range has numerous cooking capacities for things like air singing, sous vide, and convection baking. The InstaView innovation allows cooks to see inside the stove by thumping two times on the glass entryway, which enlightens the inside.

One of the latest trends for cooktops is induction heating. Induction uses electricity to heat pots and pans directly through magnetic induction. Induction cooktops work with many types of pots and pans — such as stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain enamel on metal. The benefit is that those pots and pans heat much quicker and cook more evenly than with gas or electric cooktops.


Wall Ovens


Double it Up with double ovens. If you prefer the flexibility of cooking on a separate cooktop and oven, go for a double oven. There are many wall ovens with cool features!

Frigidaire new line of double ovens has over 15 cooking modes, including air fry and steam. You can even start baking without waiting for it to preheat. Like most of the newest ovens, it has touchscreen displays, tinted glass, extra-large oven capacities (5.3 cubic feet each) and special hinges that eliminate the need for built-in trim pieces.




Aside from keeping food cold or frozen, the newest features the latest refrigerators have are meant to improve the efficiency of power and daily usage.

For example, LG’s new InstaView side-by-side refrigerators feature a glass viewing window so you can quickly see the fridge’s contents without opening the door. The water dispenser features UV sanitization to kill off any lingering germ or bacteria build-up.

And LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite brand announced a new ThinQ Care artificial intelligence technology that monitors refrigerator usage and performance and contacts the homeowner if a service issue is detected based on poor performance.



The faster the better! The latest dishwashers are faster and efficiency more than ever. The coolest dishwasher setups now are dishwasher drawers that blend in perfectly with your cabinets. Fisher & Paykel’s 24” dishwasher drawer features two drawers in the same space as a traditional dishwasher. This gives homeowners the flexibility to use both drawers independently and to program different settings and temperatures for each.



Over-the-range models are in! The ever-ending debate of where to put a microwave can be put to rest, put it over your cooktop!

New over-range microwave models are being released this year. LG’s new over-the-range microwave has a 2.1-cubic-foot capacity with a steam cook feature. A slide-out vent reduces smoke and cooking smells with an extensive reach over the front burners as well.

You can also connect to LG’s ThinQ Recipe app, an app that has access to recipes and can even order the ingredients all at once from Walmart or Amazon Fresh.

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